envisage.core_plugin module

The Envisage core plugin.

class envisage.core_plugin.CorePlugin[source]

Bases: Plugin

The Envisage core plugin.

The core plugin offers facilities that are generally useful when building extensible applications such as adapters and hooks etc. It does not contain anything to do with user interfaces!

The core plugin should be started before any other plugin. It is up to the plugin manager to do this.

PREFERENCES = 'envisage.preferences'

Extension point ID for preferences

SERVICE_OFFERS = 'envisage.service_offers'

Extension point ID for service offers

id = "envisage.core"

The plugin’s unique identifier.

name = "Core"

The plugin’s name (suitable for displaying to the user).

preferences = ExtensionPoint(

preferences ExtensionPoint

service_offers = ExtensionPoint(

service offers ExtensionPoint


Start the plugin.