Enable Custom Traits

Enable defines several trait types which can be used to simplify the generation of values to pass to various APIs throughout Enable (and Kiva).


bounds_trait represents the bounds of an object. It is a list of two values: width and height.


ColorTrait represents an RGBA color. One can assign either tuples containing RGBA colors (each component in the range [0, 1]) or a string in the form of an HTML color name (“blue” or “#0000FF”).


font_trait is a synonym for enable.trait_defs.kiva_font_trait.KivaFont. The trait maps a font-description string to a valid kiva.fonttools.Font instance which can be passed to AbstractGraphicsContext.set_font()


LineStyle represents the dash style of a line drawn with Kiva. Allowed values are “solid”, “dot dash”, “dash”, “dot”, or “long dash”.


MarkerTrait represents a marker which can be drawn by Kiva. Allowed values are “square”, “circle”, “triangle”, “inverted_triangle”, “left_triangle”, “right_triangle”, “pentagon”, “hexagon”, “hexagon2”, “plus”, “cross”, “star”, “cross_plus”, “diamond”, “dot”, or “pixel”.


Pointer represents the style of a mouse pointer on screen. Allowed values are “arrow”, “right arrow”, “blank”, “bullseye”, “char”, “cross”, “hand”, “ibeam”, “left button”, “magnifier”, “middle button”, “no entry”, “paint brush”, “pencil”, “point left”, “point right”, “question arrow”, “right button”, “size top”, “size bottom”, “size left”, “size right”, “size top right”, “size bottom left”, “size top left”, “size bottom right”, “sizing”, “spray can”, “wait”, “watch”, or “arrow wait”.