enable.tools.viewport_pan_tool module

Defines the PanTool class.

class enable.tools.viewport_pan_tool.ViewportPanTool(component=None, **traits)[source]

Bases: enable.tools.drag_tool.DragTool

A tool that enables the user to pan around a viewport by clicking a mouse button and dragging.


Called when a mouse event causes the drag operation to end.

A drag is ended when a user releases the mouse, or by receiving a mouse_leave event when on_drag_leave is ‘end’.


Called when the drag operation starts.

The event parameter is the mouse event that established the drag operation; its x and y attributes correspond to the current location of the mouse, and not to the position of the mouse when the initial left_down or right_down event happened.


Handles the mouse being moved when the tool is in the ‘panning’ state.