enable.tools.pyface.context_menu_tool module

This is a minimum example for adding a context menu to plot.

class enable.tools.pyface.context_menu_tool.ContextMenuTool(component=None, **traits)[source]

Bases: enable.base_tool.BaseTool

Pops up a context menu when the component receives a right click

controller = Instance(ActionController)

an optional ActionController

is_showable(x, y)[source]

Returns whether the (x, y) position is OK for showing the menu

By default checks that the point is in the component. Subclasses can override to provide more refined hit-testing.

menu_manager = Instance(MenuManager)

the pyface action MenuManager instance


Handles the right mouse button being pressed.


Create the toolkit menu and show it

This method also makes the enable event available to the controller.

class enable.tools.pyface.context_menu_tool.EnableActionController[source]

Bases: pyface.action.action_controller.ActionController

An action controller that keeps a reference to the enable event that triggered the action.

enable_event = Any

the enable event which triggered the popup menu

perform(action, event)[source]

Control an action invocation

We make the original enable event available to the action by adding it to the pyface event.