Post-release Tasks

Update Documentation

Eventually this should be automatically done in travis with scripts/ Until that is working, the documentation will need to be updated manually with the following steps.

  1. Checkout the released tag.

    git checkout tags/<release tag>
  2. Install the released version of EDM and the documentation requirements in your development environment. This is necessary to display the correct EDM version in the built documentation.

    pip install -e .
    pip install -r doc_requirements.txt
  3. Clone the gh-pages branch as a separate repo (this makes it easier to copy and push the resulting docs).

    git clone -b gh-pages temp_gh-pages
  4. Build the documentation and copy the resulting docs to a temporary location.

    cd doc
    make html
    cp -rf ./build/html/ ./temp_gh-pages/
  5. Commit the changes and push to gh-pages.

    cd temp_gh-pages
    git add --all
    git commit -m "Update documentation for release <release_tag>"
    git push origin gh-pages
  6. Verify that the documentation appears correctly at

Update Installers

After a release, the installer download links at need to be updated.

  1. Clone the static_etw repo locally and create a branch to update the installers.

  2. In products/edm/installers/index.html replace all instances of the previous EDM version with the new version. These locations will be both in the text and link addresses.

  3. Open updated file in a browser and ensure that all download links work as expected.

    open products/edm/installers/index.html
  4. Push your branch to origin and submit a pull request. Assign to David or Didrik for review.

  5. After the PR is reviewed and merged into master, cut a new release. In Github, go to Releases, and Draft a new release. The “tag version” will be the next in the production sequence. Fill in the “Release title” field (e.g. “Update EDM installers for v1.0.0”), and add a similar note in the “Description” field. Then click Publish release.

  6. After publishing the release, the website should be updated in 5-10 minutes.