Tutorials, webinars, and examples


  • Tutorial: Interactive plotting with Chaco

    This is the main Chaco tutorial and introduces the basic concepts of how to use Chaco and Traits UI to do basic plots, customize layout, and add interactivity.

  • Tutorial: Using Chaco from IPython

    This tutorial explains how to use Chaco from IPython using the Chaco shell command-line plotting interface to build plots, in a Matlab or gnuplot-like style.


  • The annotated examples is a useful visual resource presenting a set of Chaco plots together with their source code.

  • Modeling Van del Waal’s Equations is a complete example of creating a data model and then using Traits and Chaco to rapidly create interactive plot GUIs.

  • Creating an interactive Hyetograph is an example of a hyetograph (a plot of rainfall intensity in relation to time) application. This example introduces the on_trait_listener decorator and uses Chaco, simple Traits views, and live GUI interaction.