Simple Inspector tool for plots

This module provides a simple tool that reports the data-space coordinates of the current mouse cursor position in a plot. It is intended for use with SimpleInspectorOverlay, but other objects can potentially hook into its API.

class, **traits)

Bases: enable.base_tool.BaseTool

Simple inspector tool for plots

This is a simple tool that reports the data-space coordinates of the current mouse cursor position in a plot.

Interested overlays and other objects can listen for new_value events, which is a dictionary of data about the current location in data space, and can look at the last_mouse_position trait which holds the mouse position in screen space.

The tool also provides a visible trait which listeners can use to hide themselves. By default the ‘p’ key toggles this.

Instances can provide a value_generator function that performs computations to generate additional values in the dictionary that is passed to the new_value event. Subclasses can override gather_values() to similar effect.


Generate the values for the new_value dictionary.

By default this returns a dictionary with keys “x”, “y”, “index” and “value”. If there is a value_generator callable, this will be called to modify the dictionary.


event – The mouse_move event.


Return type

A dictionary.

inspector_key = <enable.base_tool.KeySpec object>

This key will show and hide any overlays listening to this tool.

last_mouse_position = Tuple

Stores the last mouse position. This can be used by overlays to position themselves around the mouse.

map_to_data(x, y)

Returns the data space coordinates of the given x and y.

Takes into account orientation of the plot and the axis setting.

new_value = Event

This event fires whenever the mouse moves over a new image point. Its value is a dict with default keys “x”, “y”, “index” and “value”.

value_generator = Callable

A callable that computes other values for the new_value event this takes a dictionary as an argument, and returns a dictionary

visible = Bool(True)

Indicates whether overlays listening to this tool should be visible.