Defines the RangeSelectionOverlay class.

class, *args, **kw)

Bases: chaco.abstract_overlay.AbstractOverlay

Highlights the selection region on a component.

Looks at a given metadata field of self.component for regions to draw as selected.

alpha = Float(0.3)

The transparency of the fill color.

axis = Enum("index", "value")

The axis to which this tool is perpendicular.

axis_index = Property

The element of an (x,y) tuple that corresponds to the axis index. By default, this is set based on self.asix and self.plot.orientation, but it can be overriden and set to 0 or 1.

border_color = ColorTrait("dodgerblue")

The color of the selection border line.

border_style = LineStyle("solid")

The line style of the selection border line.

border_width = Float(1.0)

The width, in pixels, of the selection border line.

fill_color = ColorTrait("lightskyblue")

The color to fill the selection region.

mapper = Instance(AbstractMapper)

The mapper (and associated range) that drive this RangeSelectionOverlay. By default, this is the mapper on self.plot that corresponds to self.axis.

metadata_name = Str("selections")

The name of the metadata to look at for dataspace bounds. The metadata can be either a tuple (dataspace_start, dataspace_end) in “selections” or a boolean array mask of seleted dataspace points with any other name

overlay(component, gc, view_bounds=None, mode='normal')

Draws this component overlaid on another component.

Overrides AbstractOverlay.

plot = Property(observe="component")

Mapping from screen space to data space. By default, it is just self.component.