Defines the DataLabelTool class.

class, **traits)


A tool for dragging a data label.

Attach this tool to a DataLabel object by setting the tool’s component to the DataLabel.

auto_arrow_root = Bool(True)

Use the root of the label’s arrow (if any) as the closest corner of the label?

drag_button = Enum("left", "right")

The mouse button that initiates the drag.


Called when a mouse event causes the drag operation to end.

Implements DragTool.


Called when the drag operation starts.

Implements DragTool.


This method is called for every mouse_move event that the tool receives while the user is dragging the mouse.

Implements DragTool. Moves and redraws the label.

is_draggable(x, y)

Returns whether the (x,y) position is in a region that is OK to drag.

Overrides DragTool.