chaco.plots.scatterplot_1d module

Scatterplot in one dimension only

class chaco.plots.scatterplot_1d.ScatterPlot1D(**traits)

Bases: chaco.base_1d_plot.Base1DPlot

A scatterplot that in 1D

alignment = Enum("center", "left", "right", "top", "bottom")

alignment of markers relative to non-index direction

marker_offset = Float

offset of markers relative to non-index direction in pixels

selection_color = ColorTrait("yellow")

the color of the selected points

selection_line_width = Float(1.0)

the thickness, in pixels, of the selected points

selection_marker = MarkerTrait

the marker type for selected points

selection_marker_size = Float(4.0)

the marker size for selected points

selection_metadata_name = Str("selections")

the plot data metadata name to watch for selection information

selection_outline_color = black_color_trait

the outline color of the selected points

show_selection = Bool(True)

whether or not to display a selection

unselected_alpha = Float(0.3)

The fade amount for unselected regions

unselected_line_width = Float(1.0)

The marker outline width to use for unselected points