chaco.plots.filled_line_plot module

class chaco.plots.filled_line_plot.FilledLinePlot(**kwtraits)

Bases: chaco.plots.polygon_plot.PolygonPlot

Draws a line plot filled to the axis

fill_direction = Enum("down", "up")

Direction to fill. Down is towards the origin, up is towards the max

render_style = Enum("connectedpoints", "hold", "connectedhold")

The rendering style of the line plot.


“normal” style (default); each point is connected to subsequent and prior points by line segments


each point is represented by a line segment parallel to the abscissa (index axis) and spanning the length between the point and its subsequent point.


like “hold” style, but line segments are drawn at each point of the plot to connect the hold lines of the prior point and the current point. Also called a “right angle plot”.