chaco.overlays.tooltip module

Defines the ToolTip class.

class chaco.overlays.tooltip.ToolTip(component=None, *args, **kw)

Bases: chaco.abstract_overlay.AbstractOverlay

An overlay that is a toolip.

auto_adjust = Bool(True)

Should the tooltip automatically reposition itself to remain visible and unclipped on its overlaid component?

bgcolor = white_color_trait

Use a white background color (overrides AbstractOverlay).

border_padding = Int(4)

The ammount of space between the border and the text.

border_visible = True

Use a visible border. (Overrides Enable Component.)

draw(gc, view_bounds=None, mode='normal')

Draws the plot component.

Overrides PlotComponent.

font = KivaFont("modern 10")

The font to render the tooltip.

line_spacing = Int(4)

The number of pixels between lines.

lines = List

List of text strings to put in the tooltip.

overlay(component, gc, view_bounds=None, mode='normal')

Draws the tooltip overlaid on another component.

Overrides AbstractOverlay.

resizable = ""

The tooltip is a fixed size. (Overrides PlotComponent.)

rotate_angle = Float(0.0)

Angle to rotate (counterclockwise) in degrees. NB this will only currently affect text, so probably only useful if borders and background are disabled

text_color = black_color_trait

The color of the text in the tooltip