chaco.overlays.lasso_overlay module

Defines the LassoOverlay class.

class chaco.overlays.lasso_overlay.LassoOverlay(component=None, *args, **kw)

Bases: chaco.abstract_overlay.AbstractOverlay

Draws a lasso selection region on top of a plot.

LassoOverlay gets its data from a LassoSelection.

bgcolor = "clear"

The background color (overrides AbstractOverlay).

lasso_selection = Instance("")

The LassoSelection that provides the data for this overlay.

overlay(other_component, gc, view_bounds=None, mode='normal')

Draws this component overlaid on another component.

Implements AbstractOverlay.

selection_alpha = Float(0.8)

The transparency level for the selection fill color.

selection_border_color = ColorTrait("dodgerblue")

The border color for the selection region.

selection_border_dash = LineStyle

The line style of the selection border.

selection_border_width = Float(2.0)

The width of the selection border.

selection_fill_color = ColorTrait("lightskyblue")

The fill color for the selection region.