chaco.base_plot_container module

Defines the BasePlotContainer class.

class chaco.base_plot_container.BasePlotContainer(*components, **traits)

Bases: enable.container.Container

A container for PlotComponents. Serves as the base class for other PlotContainers.

PlotContainers define a layout, i.e., a spatial relationship between their contained components. (BasePlotContainer doesn’t define one, but its various subclasses do.)

BasePlotContainer is a subclass of Enable Container, so it is possible to insert Enable-level components into it. However, because Enable components don’t have the correct interfaces to participate in layout, the visual results will probably be incorrect.

container_under_layers = Tuple("background", "image", "underlay", "plot")

Redefine the container layers to name the main layer as “plot” instead of the Enable default of “mainlayer”