chaco.base_contour_plot module

class chaco.base_contour_plot.BaseContourPlot(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: chaco.base_2d_plot.Base2DPlot

The base class for contour plots. Mostly manages configuration and change events with colormap and contour parameters.

alpha = Range(0.0, 1.0, 1.0)

A global alpha value to apply to all the contours

color_mapper = Property(Instance(ColorMapper))

If present, the color mapper for the colorbar to look at.

colors = Union(None, Str, Instance(ColorMapper), List, Tuple)

The color(s) of the lines. colors can be given as a color name, in which case all contours have the same color, as a list of colors, or as a colormap. If the list of colors is shorter than the number of levels, the values are repeated from the beginning of the list. Default is black. Colors are associated with levels of increasing value.

levels = Union(Constant("auto"), Int, List)

Defines the levels to contour. levels can be either: a list of floating point numbers that define the value of the function at the contours; a positive integer, in which case the range of the value is divided in the given number of equally spaced levels; or “auto” (default), which divides the range in 10 levels