Tips, Tricks, and Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to specific questions raised by early users, tips for using the environment and other specific suggestions.

Where are all of the Python packages in my User Python Environment?

Canopy uses a User Python environment installed and managed by EDM. The Python which runs the Canopy application gui is not the Python users are expected to run and install their packages in. The table below shows the default location of the User Python Environment on each platform. These can be configured by commandline options or by editing a preferences file. The “Settings” pane in Canopy’s Package Manager would tell the exact location of the User Python environment being used by your installation.

Platform Arch Location
Windows 64 C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Enthought\Canopy\edm\envs\User
Windows 32 C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Enthought\Canopy32\edm\envs\User
Mac OSX 64 ~/Library/Enthought/Canopy/edm/envs/User
Linux 64 ~/.canopy/edm/envs/User

Releases of Canopy prior to 2.0.0 used a venv based virtual User Python environment with different default locations. If you have updated from an older Canopy you might still be using the older venv based User Python environment. See docs for Canopy 1.7.4 to know the default location in previous versions.

How do I use Canopy when behind a proxy firewall?

A network proxy or proxy firewall is a computer that sits between the local network and the larger internet to filter connections. When a computer on the local network wish to connect to a machine outside the local network, instead of connecting directly to it, the computer instead connect to a proxy server, which then handles the connection to the outside world.

For more information, see “Using Canopy Behind a Proxy Firewall” in the Enthought Support Knowledge Base.

Where are the preference and log files located?

Usually, users will not need to reference these files. Most preferences are usually set from the Preferences dialog in the GUI. If there is a GUI error, a dialog should ask you if you want to report it, which should send the relevant log file to Enthought.

However, if you need to access these files, here are their platform-specific locations:

Platform Location
Windows C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Enthought\Canopy\preferences.ini
Mac OSX ~/.canopy/preferences.ini
Linux ~/.canopy/preferences.ini