Welcome to Enthought Canopy

Welcome to Enthought Canopy! Canopy is the next generation of the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD), adding an advanced text editor, integrated IPython console, graphical package manager and online documentation to Enthought’s proven Python distribution. The Canopy analysis environment streamlines data analysis, visualization, algorithm design and application development for scientists, engineers and analysts.

Canopy incorporates an integrated update mechanism that allows you to update the environment without having to reinstall. The update mechanism is described in Updating the Canopy application.

The rest of this document falls into two major sections – a Quick Start Guide for those wishing to get running as quickly as possible, and Advanced Topics, providing more details and background information.

Canopy makes available a large number of third-party, open-source packages that are a part of the Python ecosystem. Enthought is grateful to the authors who have contributed their works for the common good. The license agreements for the individual packages, where available, are included in the Canopy installation directory under Third_Party_Pkgs. Any questions or corrections should be sent to support@enthought.com.

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