apptools.selection.list_selection module

class apptools.selection.list_selection.ListSelection[source]

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasTraits

Selection for ordered sequences of items.

This is the default implementation of the IListSelection interface.

classmethod from_available_items(provider_id, selected, all_items)[source]

Create a list selection given a list of all available items.

Fills in the required information (in particular, the indices) based on a list of selected items and a list of all available items.


  • The list of available items must not contain any duplicate items.

  • It is expected that selected is populated by items in all_items.

indices = List

Indices of the selected objects in the selection provider.


Is the selection empty?

items = List

Selected objects.

provider_id = Str

ID of the selection provider that created this selection object.