apptools.persistence.project_loader module

apptools.persistence.project_loader.load_project(pickle_filename, updater_path, application_version, protocol, max_pass=- 1)[source]

Reads a project from a pickle file and if necessary will update it to the latest version of the application.

apptools.persistence.project_loader.upgrade_project(pickle_filename, updater_path, project_version, application_version, protocol, max_pass=- 1)[source]

Repeatedly read and write the project to disk updating it one version at a time.

Example the p5.project is at version 0 The application is at version 3

p5.project — Update1 —> p5.project.v1 p5.project.v1 — Update2 —> p5.project.v2 p5.project.v2 — Update3 —> p5.project.v3 p5.project.v3 —> loaded into app

The user then has the option to save the updated project as p5.project