apptools.naming.exception module

Naming exceptions.

exception apptools.naming.exception.InvalidNameError[source]

Bases: apptools.naming.exception.NamingError

Invalid name.

This exception is thrown when the name passed to a naming operation does not conform to the syntax of the naming system (or is empty etc).

exception apptools.naming.exception.NameAlreadyBoundError[source]

Bases: apptools.naming.exception.NamingError

Name already bound.

This exception is thrown when an attempt is made to bind a name that is already bound in the current context.

exception apptools.naming.exception.NameNotFoundError[source]

Bases: apptools.naming.exception.NamingError

Name not found.

This exception is thrown when a component of a name cannot be resolved because it is not bound in the current context.

exception apptools.naming.exception.NamingError[source]

Bases: Exception

Base class for all naming exceptions.

exception apptools.naming.exception.NotContextError[source]

Bases: apptools.naming.exception.NamingError

Not a context.

This exception is thrown when a naming operation has reached a point where a context is required to continue the operation, but the resolved object is not a context.

exception apptools.naming.exception.OperationNotSupportedError[source]

Bases: apptools.naming.exception.NamingError

The context does support the requested operation.