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Hbox ExampleΒΆ


#  Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
""" An example which demonstrates the use of the `hbox` layout helper.

In this example, we use the `hbox` layout helper to layout the children
of the Container in a horizontal group. The `hbox` function is a fairly
sophisticated layout helper which automatically takes into account the
content boundaries of its parent. It also provides the necessary layout
spacers in the vertical direction to allow for children of various

In this example, all widgets have same native height so there is no need
for extra alignment constraints in the vertical direction. PushButtons
expand freely in width by default, so when the Window is expanded, one
of the PushButtons will be expanded to fill. The particular PushButton
which is chosen to expand is nondeterministic. To force are particular
choice would require extra constraints to be defined on the buttons.
That extra specification is deliberately omitted in this example.

from enaml.layout.api import hbox
from enaml.widgets.api import Window, Container, PushButton

enamldef Main(Window):
        constraints = [
            hbox(pb1, pb2, pb3)
            id: pb1
            text = 'Spam'
            id: pb2
            text = 'Long Name Foo'
            id: pb3
            text = 'Bar'

$ enaml-run hbox.enaml