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class enaml.widgets.form.Form(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.widgets.container.Container

A Container subclass that arranges its children in two columns.

The left column is typically Labels (but this is not a requirement). The right are the actual widgets for data entry. The children should be in alternating label/widget order. If there are an odd number of children, the last child will span both columns.

The Form provides an extra constraint variable, ‘midline’, which is used as the alignment anchor for the columns.

midline = None

The ConstraintVariable giving the midline along which the labels and widgets are aligned.

layout_strength = None

The strength for the form layout constraints.

hug_height = None

A form hugs its height strongly by default. Forms are typcially used to display vertical arrangements of widgets, with forms often being stacked on top of each other. For this case, hugging the height is desired.


alias of __NoInterface__



Inheritance diagram of enaml.qt.qt_form.QtForm

class enaml.qt.qt_form.QtForm(object_id, parent, session)[source]

Bases: enaml.qt.qt_container.QtContainer

A Qt implementation of an Enaml Form.


Inheritance diagram of enaml.wx.wx_form.WxForm

class enaml.wx.wx_form.WxForm(object_id, parent, session)[source]

Bases: enaml.wx.wx_container.WxContainer

A Wx implementation of an Enaml Form.