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class enaml.widgets.control.Control(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.widgets.constraints_widget.ConstraintsWidget

A widget which represents a leaf node in the hierarchy.

A Control is conceptually the same as a ConstraintsWidget, except that it does not have widget children. This base class serves as a placeholder for potential future functionality.


alias of __NoInterface__



Inheritance diagram of enaml.qt.qt_control.QtControl

class enaml.qt.qt_control.QtControl(object_id, parent, session)[source]

Bases: enaml.qt.qt_constraints_widget.QtConstraintsWidget

A Qt implementation of an Enaml Control.


Inheritance diagram of enaml.wx.wx_control.WxControl

class enaml.wx.wx_control.WxControl(object_id, parent, session)[source]

Bases: enaml.wx.wx_constraints_widget.WxConstraintsWidget

A Wx implementation of an Enaml Control.