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The enaml.stdlib package contains the standard library built around the widgets and core functionnalities.

fields Module

The following fields all inherit from Field, and do the appropriate type of validation:

Enaml declared component enaml.stdlib.fields.IntField(derives from <class 'enaml.widgets.field.Field'>)

A field that only accept integer inputs.

Enaml declared component enaml.stdlib.fields.FloatField(derives from <class 'enaml.widgets.field.Field'>)

A Field that only accept floating point values.

Enaml declared component enaml.stdlib.fields.RegexField(derives from <class 'enaml.widgets.field.Field'>)

A Field that only accepts values validated by a given regular expression.

sessions Module

Enaml Standard Library - Sessions

This module contains some Session subclasses and associated utilities that handle common Session use cases.

class enaml.stdlib.sessions.SimpleSession(sess_callable, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.session.Session

A concrete Session class that receives a callable, positional, and keyword arguments and creates the associated view(s).

__init__(sess_callable, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Initialize the session with the callable and arguments.


Create the view from the callable


alias of __NoInterface__

enaml.stdlib.sessions.simple_session(sess_name, sess_descr, sess_callable, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a SessionFactory instance for a callable.

This creates a SessionFactory instance which will create instances of SimpleSession when prompted by the application.

  • sess_name (str) – A unique, human-friendly name for the session.
  • sess_descr (str) – A brief description of the session.
  • sess_callable (callable) – A callable which will return an Enaml view or iterable of views.
*args, **kwargs
Optional positional and keyword arguments to pass to the callable when the session is created.
enaml.stdlib.sessions.view_factory(sess_name=None, sess_descr=None)[source]

A decorator that creates a session factory from a callable.

This can be used in the following ways:

@view_factory def view(...):

... return View(...)

@view_factory(‘my-views’, ‘This is several views’) def views(...):

... return [View1(...), View2(...)]

simple = view_factory(Main)

enaml.stdlib.sessions.show_simple_view(view, toolkit='qt', description='')[source]

Display a simple view to the screen in the local process.

  • view (Object) – The top level Object to use as the view.
  • toolkit (string, optional) – The toolkit backend to use to display the view. Currently supported values are ‘qt’ and ‘wx’. The default is ‘qt’. Note that not all functionality is available on Wx.
  • description (string, optional) – An optional description to give to the session.