Source code for enaml.wx.wx_splitter

# Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
import wx
from wx.lib.splitter import MultiSplitterWindow

from .wx_constraints_widget import WxConstraintsWidget
from .wx_split_item import WxSplitItem

    'horizontal': wx.HORIZONTAL,
    'vertical': wx.VERTICAL,

class wxSplitter(MultiSplitterWindow):
    """ A wx.lib.splitter.MultiSplitterWindow subclass that changes
    the behavior of resizing neighbors to be consistent with Qt.

    TODO - Fix the problem with the splitter not resizing its children
           smaller when possible when the splitter window shrinks.
           Fix the problem with initial sash positions.

    def _OnMouse(self, event):
        """ Overriden parent class mouse event handler which fakes the
        state of the keyboard so that resize behavior is consistent
        between wx and Qt.

        # We modify the mouse event to "fake" like the shift key is
        # always down. This causes the splitter to not adjust its
        # neighbor when dragging the sash. This behavior is consistent
        # with Qt's behavior. This is not *the best* way to handle this,
        # but it's the easiest and quickest at the moment. The proper
        # way would be to reimplement this method in its entirety and
        # allow the adjustNeighbor computation to be based on keyboard
        # state as well as attribute flags.
        # TODO implement this properly (or just rewrite this entire
        # control, because like everything else in Wx, it's crap).
        event.m_shiftDown = True
        return super(wxSplitter, self)._OnMouse(event)

[docs]class WxSplitter(WxConstraintsWidget): """ A Wx implementation of an Enaml Splitter. """ #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Setup methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def create_widget(self, parent, tree): """ Creates the underlying wxSplitter widget. """ return wxSplitter(parent)
[docs] def create(self, tree): """ Create and initialize the splitter control. """ super(WxSplitter, self).create(tree) self.set_orientation(tree['orientation']) self.set_live_drag(tree['live_drag'])
[docs] def init_layout(self): """ Handle the layout initialization for the splitter. """ super(WxSplitter, self).init_layout() widget = self.widget() for child in self.children(): if isinstance(child, WxSplitItem): widget.AppendWindow(child.widget()) widget.SizeWindows() #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Child Events #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def child_removed(self, child): """ Handle the child removed event for a WxSplitter. """ if isinstance(child, WxSplitItem): widget = child.widget() self.widget().DetachWindow(widget) widget.Hide() self.size_hint_updated()
[docs] def child_added(self, child): """ Handle the child added event for a WxSplitter. """ if isinstance(child, WxSplitItem): index = self.index_of(child) if index != -1: self.widget().InsertWindow(index, child.widget()) self.size_hint_updated() #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Message Handler Methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def on_action_set_orientation(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_orientation' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_orientation(content['orientation']) self.size_hint_updated()
[docs] def on_action_set_live_drag(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_live_drag' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_live_drag(content['live_drag']) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Widget Update Methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def set_orientation(self, orientation): """ Update the orientation of the splitter. """ wx_orientation = _ORIENTATION_MAP[orientation] widget = self.widget() widget.SetOrientation(wx_orientation) widget.SizeWindows()
[docs] def set_live_drag(self, live_drag): """ Updates the drag state of the splitter. """ widget = self.widget() if live_drag: widget.WindowStyle |= wx.SP_LIVE_UPDATE else: widget.WindowStyle &= ~wx.SP_LIVE_UPDATE