Source code for enaml.widgets.web_view

#  Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
from traits.api import Unicode

from .control import Control

[docs]class WebView(Control): """ A widget which displays a web page. Unlike the simpler `Html` widget, this widget supports the features of a full web browser. """ #: The URL to load in the web view. This can be a path to a remote #: resource or a path to a file on the local filesystem. This value #: is mutually exclusive of `html`. url = Unicode #: The html to load into the web view. This value is mutually #: exclusive of `url`. html = Unicode #: A web view expands freely in height and width by default. hug_width = 'ignore' hug_height = 'ignore' #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Initialization #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def snapshot(self): """ Create the snapshot for the widget. """ snap = super(WebView, self).snapshot() snap['url'] = self.url snap['html'] = self.html return snap
[docs] def bind(self): """ Bind the change handlers for the widget. """ super(WebView, self).bind() self.publish_attributes('url', 'html')