Source code for enaml.widgets.splitter

# Copyright (c) 2011, Enthought, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
from traits.api import Bool, Enum, Property, cached_property

from .constraints_widget import ConstraintsWidget
from .split_item import SplitItem

[docs]class Splitter(ConstraintsWidget): """ A widget which displays its children in separate resizable compartements that are connected with a resizing bar. A Splitter can have an arbitrary number of Container children. """ #: The orientation of the Splitter. 'horizontal' means the children #: are laid out left to right, 'vertical' means top to bottom. orientation = Enum('horizontal', 'vertical') #: Whether the child widgets resize as a splitter is being dragged #: (True), or if a simple indicator is drawn until the drag handle #: is released (False). The default is True. live_drag = Bool(True) #: A read only property which returns the split items being managed #: by the splitter. split_items = Property(depends_on='children') #: How strongly a component hugs it's contents' width. A Splitter #: container ignores its width hug by default, so it expands freely #: in width. hug_width = 'ignore' #: How strongly a component hugs it's contents' height. A Splitter #: container ignores its height hug by default, so it expands freely #: in height. hug_height = 'ignore' #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Initialization #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def snapshot(self): """ Return the dict of creation attributes for the control. """ snap = super(Splitter, self).snapshot() snap['orientation'] = self.orientation snap['live_drag'] = self.live_drag return snap
[docs] def bind(self): """ Bind the change handlers for the widget. """ super(Splitter, self).bind() self.publish_attributes('orientation', 'live_drag') #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Private API #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
@cached_property def _get_split_items(self): """ The getter for the 'split_items' property. Returns ------- result : tuple The tuple of SplitItem instances defined as children of this Splitter. """ isinst = isinstance items = (child for child in self.children if isinst(child, SplitItem)) return tuple(items)