Source code for enaml.widgets.datetime_selector

#  Copyright (c) 2011, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
from traits.api import Bool, Str

from .bounded_datetime import BoundedDatetime

[docs]class DatetimeSelector(BoundedDatetime): """ A datetime widget that displays a Python datetime.datetime object using an appropriate toolkit specific control. """ #: A python date format string to format the datetime. If None is #: supplied (or is invalid) the system locale setting is used. #: This may not be supported by all backends. datetime_format = Str #: Whether to use a calendar popup for selecting the date. calendar_popup = Bool(False) #: How strongly to hugs the content width. A DatetimeSelector ignores #: the width hug by default, so it expands freely in width. hug_width = 'ignore' #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Initialization #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def snapshot(self): """ Return a dictionary which contains all the state necessary to initialize a client widget. """ snap = super(DatetimeSelector, self).snapshot() snap['datetime_format'] = self.datetime_format snap['calendar_popup'] = self.calendar_popup return snap
[docs] def bind(self): """ A method called after initialization which allows the widget to bind any event handlers necessary. """ super(DatetimeSelector, self).bind() self.publish_attributes('datetime_format', 'calendar_popup')