Source code for enaml.qt.qt_mdi_window

#  Copyright (c) 2012, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
from .qt.QtGui import QMdiSubWindow, QLayout
from .qt_widget import QtWidget

[docs]class QtMdiWindow(QtWidget): """ A Qt implementation of an Enaml MdiWindow. """ #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Setup Methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def create_widget(self, parent, tree): """ Create the underlying QMdiSubWindow widget. """ # We don't parent the subwindow immediately. It will be added # explicitly by the parent QMdiArea during its layout pass. # If we set the parent here, Qt will spit out warnings when # it's set added to the area later on. We *could* parent it # here, and simply not add it explicitly to the mdi area, but # this way is more explicit and consistent with the rest of # the framework. widget = QMdiSubWindow() widget.layout().setSizeConstraint(QLayout.SetMinAndMaxSize) return widget
[docs] def init_layout(self): """ Initialize the layout for the underlying control. """ super(QtMdiWindow, self).init_layout() self._set_window_widget(self.mdi_widget()) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Utility Methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def mdi_widget(self): """ Find and return the mdi widget child for this widget. Returns ------- result : QWidget or None The mdi widget defined for this widget, or None if one is not defined. """ widget = None for child in self.children(): if isinstance(child, QtWidget): widget = child.widget() return widget #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Child Events #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def child_removed(self, child): """ Handle the child removed event for a QtMdiWindow. """ if isinstance(child, QtWidget): self._set_window_widget(self.mdi_widget())
[docs] def child_added(self, child): """ Handle the child added event for a QtMdiWindow. """ if isinstance(child, QtWidget): self._set_window_widget(self.mdi_widget()) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Private API #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
def _set_window_widget(self, mdi_widget): """ A private method which set the child widget on the window. Parameters ---------- mdi_widget : QWidget The child widget to use in the mdi window. """ # We need to first set the window widget to None, or Qt will # complain if a widget is already set on the window. widget = self.widget() widget.setWidget(None) if mdi_widget is None: return # We need to unparent the underlying widget before adding # it to the subwindow. Otherwise, children like QMainWindow # will persist as top-level non-mdi widgets. mdi_widget.setParent(None) widget.setWidget(mdi_widget) # On OSX, the resize gripper will be obscured unless we # lower the widget in the window's stacking order. mdi_widget.lower()