Source code for enaml.qt.qt_group_box

#  Copyright (c) 2011, Enthought, Inc.
#  All rights reserved.
import sys

from .qt.QtCore import Qt, QSize, Signal
from .qt.QtGui import QGroupBox
from .qt_container import QtContainer

    'left': Qt.AlignLeft,
    'right': Qt.AlignRight,
    'center': Qt.AlignHCenter,

class QResizingGroupBox(QGroupBox):
    """ A subclass of QGroupBox which behaves like a container.

    #: A signal which is emitted on a resize event.
    resized = Signal()

    #: The internally cached size hint.
    _size_hint = QSize()

    def resizeEvent(self, event):
        """ Converts a resize event into a signal.

        super(QResizingGroupBox, self).resizeEvent(event)

    def sizeHint(self):
        """ Returns the previously set size hint. If that size hint is
        invalid, the superclass' sizeHint will be used.

        hint = self._size_hint
        if not hint.isValid():
            return super(QResizingGroupBox, self).sizeHint()
        return QSize(hint)

    def setSizeHint(self, hint):
        """ Sets the size hint to use for this widget.

        self._size_hint = QSize(hint)

    def minimumSizeHint(self):
        """ Returns the minimum size hint of the widget.

        The minimum size hint for a QResizingGroupBox is conceptually
        the same as its size hint, so we just return that value.

        return self.sizeHint()

[docs]class QtGroupBox(QtContainer): """ A Qt implementation of an Enaml GroupBox. """ #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Setup methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def create_widget(self, parent, tree): """ Creates the underlying QGroupBox control. """ widget = QResizingGroupBox(parent) if sys.platform == 'darwin': # On OSX, the widget item layout rect is too small. # Setting this attribute forces the widget item to # use the widget rect for layout. widget.setAttribute(Qt.WA_LayoutUsesWidgetRect, True) return widget
[docs] def create(self, tree): """ Create and initialize the underlying widget. """ super(QtGroupBox, self).create(tree) self.set_title(tree['title']) self.set_flat(tree['flat']) self.set_title_align(tree['title_align']) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Layout Handling #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def contents_margins(self): """ Get the current contents margins for the group box. """ m = self.widget().contentsMargins() return (, m.right(), m.bottom(), m.left()) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Message Handlers #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def on_action_set_title(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_title' action from the Enaml widget. """ widget = self.widget() old_margins = widget.contentsMargins() self.set_title(content['title']) new_margins = widget.contentsMargins() if old_margins != new_margins: self.contents_margins_updated()
[docs] def on_action_set_title_align(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_title_align' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_title_align(content['title_align'])
[docs] def on_action_set_flat(self, content): """ Handle the 'set_flat' action from the Enaml widget. """ self.set_flat(content['flat']) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Widget Update methods #--------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def set_title(self, title): """ Updates the title of group box. """ self.widget().setTitle(title)
[docs] def set_flat(self, flat): """ Updates the flattened appearance of the group box. """ self.widget().setFlat(flat)
[docs] def set_title_align(self, align): """ Updates the alignment of the title of the group box. """ qt_align = QT_ALIGNMENTS[align] self.widget().setAlignment(qt_align)