Source code for enable.trait_defs.ui.kiva_font_editor

# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!

from pyface.font import Font as PyfaceFont
from pyface.font_dialog import get_font
from traits.api import Bool, Callable, Instance, Str, observe
from traits.trait_base import SequenceTypes
from traitsui.api import EditorFactory

from kiva.fonttools.font import Font
import kiva.constants as kc
from import ButtonTool
from .editor_with_component import EditorWithLabelComponent

#: A mapping of Kiva weight constants to strings.
    kc.WEIGHT_THIN: ' Thin',
    kc.WEIGHT_EXTRALIGHT: ' Extra-light',
    kc.WEIGHT_LIGHT: ' Light',
    kc.WEIGHT_NORMAL: '',
    kc.WEIGHT_MEDIUM: ' Medium',
    kc.WEIGHT_SEMIBOLD: ' Semi-bold',
    kc.WEIGHT_BOLD: ' Bold',
    kc.WEIGHT_EXTRABOLD: ' Extra-bold',
    kc.WEIGHT_HEAVY: ' Heavy',
    kc.WEIGHT_EXTRAHEAVY: ' Extra-heavy',

[docs]def face_name(font): """ Returns a Font's typeface name. """ face_name = font.face_name if isinstance(face_name, SequenceTypes): face_name = face_name[0] return face_name
[docs]def str_font(font): """ Returns the text representation of the specified font trait value """ weight = WEIGHTS[font.weight] style = " Italic" if in kc.italic_styles else "" underline = " Underline" if font.underline else "" return f"{font.size} point {face_name(font)}{weight}{style}{underline}".strip() # noqa: E501
[docs]class ReadOnlyEditor(EditorWithLabelComponent): """An Editor which displays a label using the font."""
[docs] def init(self, parent): self.font = self.value super().init(parent)
[docs] def update_editor(self): """Handle the content of the editor changing.""" self.font = self.value super().update_editor()
[docs] def string_value(self, value, format_func=None): """Get a string value to display in the editor. If the factory provides sample text, use that, otherwise follow the usual path, but default to using the `str_font` function. """ if self.factory.sample_text: return self.factory.sample_text return super().string_value(value, str_font)
[docs]class SimpleEditor(ReadOnlyEditor): """An Editor which displays a label using the font, click for font dialog. """ #: Button tool connected to the Label component. button = Instance(ButtonTool)
[docs] def create_component(self): """Create and configure the Label component.""" component = super().create_component() # add a grey border to indicate interactivity component.border_visible = True component.border_width = 1 component.border_color = (0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0) # add a button tool to make the label respond to clicks self.button = ButtonTool(component=component) return component
[docs] def update_object(self, value): """Handle changes to the font due to user action. """ self.value = value # force a refresh of the component's settings self.update_editor()
[docs] @observe('button:clicked') def button_clicked(self, event): """Display a Pyface FontDialog when the button tool is clicked.""" if self.window is None: return pyface_font = PyfaceFont( family=[self.value.face_name], weight=str(self.value.weight), style='italic' if in kc.italic_styles else 'normal', # noqa: E501 size=self.value.size, ) pyface_font = get_font(self.window.control, pyface_font) if pyface_font is not None: font = Font([0], weight=pyface_font.weight_, style=kc.ITALIC if == 'italic' else kc.NORMAL, # noqa: E501 size=int(pyface_font.size), ) self.update_object(font)
[docs]class KivaFontEditor(EditorFactory): """Editor factory for KivaFontEditors """ #: Alternative text to display instead of the font description. sample_text = Str() #: Switch to turn off high resolution rendering if needed. high_resolution = Bool(True) #: The default format func displays a description of the font. format_func = Callable(str_font) def _get_simple_editor_class(self): return SimpleEditor def _get_readonly_editor_class(self): return ReadOnlyEditor