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# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!
""" Defines the PanTool class.
# Enthought library imports
from enable.enable_traits import Pointer
from traits.api import Bool, Enum, Float, Tuple

from .drag_tool import DragTool

[docs]class ViewportPanTool(DragTool): """ A tool that enables the user to pan around a viewport by clicking a mouse button and dragging. """ # The cursor to use when panning. drag_pointer = Pointer("hand") # Scaling factor on the panning "speed". speed = Float(1.0) # The modifier key that, if depressed when the drag is initiated, # constrains the panning to happen in the only direction of largest initial # motion. It is possible to permanently restrict this tool to always drag # along one direction. To do so, set constrain=True, constrain_key=None, # and constrain_direction to the desired direction. constrain_key = Enum(None, "shift", "control", "alt") # Constrain the panning to one direction? constrain = Bool(False) # The direction of constrained draw. A value of None means that the user # has initiated the drag and pressed the constrain_key, but hasn't moved # the mouse yet; the magnitude of the components of the next mouse_move # event will determine the constrain_direction. constrain_direction = Enum(None, "x", "y") # (x,y) of the point where the mouse button was pressed. _original_xy = Tuple # Data coordinates of **_original_xy**. This may be either (index,value) # or (value,index) depending on the component's orientation. _original_data = Tuple # Was constrain=True triggered by the **contrain_key**? If False, it was # set programmatically. _auto_constrain = Bool(False) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Inherited BaseTool traits # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # The tool is not visible (overrides BaseTool). visible = False
[docs] def drag_start(self, event): self._original_xy = (event.x, event.y) if self.constrain_key is not None: if getattr(event, self.constrain_key + "_down"): self.constrain = True self._auto_constrain = True self.constrain_direction = None event.window.set_pointer(self.drag_pointer) event.window.set_mouse_owner(self, event.net_transform()) event.handled = True
[docs] def dragging(self, event): """ Handles the mouse being moved when the tool is in the 'panning' state. """ if self._auto_constrain and self.constrain_direction is None: # Determine the constraint direction if (abs(event.x - self._original_xy[0]) > abs(event.y - self._original_xy[1])): self.constrain_direction = "x" else: self.constrain_direction = "y" new_position = self.component.view_position[:] for direction, ndx in [("x", 0), ("y", 1)]: if self.constrain and self.constrain_direction != direction: continue origpos = self._original_xy[ndx] eventpos = getattr(event, direction) delta = self.speed * (eventpos - origpos) if self.component.enable_zoom: delta /= self.component.zoom new_position[ndx] -= delta if self.constrain: _dir = self.constrain_direction self.component.view_position[_dir] = new_position[_dir] else: self.component.view_position = new_position event.handled = True self._original_xy = (event.x, event.y) self.component.request_redraw()
[docs] def drag_end(self, event): if self._auto_constrain: self.constrain = False self.constrain_direction = None event.window.set_pointer("arrow") if event.window.mouse_owner == self: event.window.set_mouse_owner(None) event.handled = True