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# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!
""" Defines the TraitsTool and Fifo classes, and get_nested_components

# Enthought library imports
from enable.base_tool import BaseTool
from enable.container import Container

[docs]class Fifo: """ Slightly-modified version of the Fifo class from the Python cookbook: """ def __init__(self): self.nextin = 0 self.nextout = 0 = {}
[docs] def append(self, value):[self.nextin] = value self.nextin += 1
[docs] def extend(self, values): if len(values) > 0: for i, val in enumerate(values):[i + self.nextin] = val self.nextin += i + 1
[docs] def isempty(self): return self.nextout >= self.nextin
[docs] def pop(self): value =[self.nextout] del[self.nextout] self.nextout += 1 return value
[docs]def get_nested_components(container): """ Returns a list of fundamental plotting components from a container with nested containers. Performs a breadth-first search of the containment hierarchy. Each element in the returned list is a tuple (component, (x,y)) where (x,y) is the coordinate frame offset of the component from the top-level container. """ components = [] worklist = Fifo() worklist.append((container, (0, 0))) while 1: item, offset = worklist.pop() if isinstance(item, Container): new_offset = (offset[0] + item.x, offset[1] + item.y) for c in item.components: worklist.append((c, new_offset)) if worklist.isempty(): break return components
[docs]class TraitsTool(BaseTool): """ Tool to edit the traits of whatever Enable component happens to be clicked. Handles containers and canvases so that they get edited only if their background regions are clicked. """ # This tool does not have a visual representation (overrides BaseTool). draw_mode = "none" # This tool is not visible (overrides BaseTool). visible = False
[docs] def normal_left_dclick(self, event): """ Handles the left mouse button being double-clicked when the tool is in the 'normal' state. If the event occurred on this tool's component (or any contained component of that component), the method opens a Traits UI view on the component that was double-clicked, setting the tool as the active tool for the duration of the view. """ x = event.x y = event.y # First determine what component or components we are going to hittest # on. If our component is a container, then we add its non-container # components to the list of candidates. candidates = [] component = self.component if isinstance(component, Container): candidates = get_nested_components(self.component) else: # We don't support clicking on unrecognized components return # Hittest against all the candidate and take the first one item = None for candidate, offset in candidates: if candidate.is_in(x - offset[0], y - offset[1]): item = candidate break if item: self.component.active_tool = self item.edit_traits(kind="livemodal") event.handled = True self.component.active_tool = None item.request_redraw()