Source code for enable.savage.compliance.crosshair

# (C) Copyright 2005-2022 Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under
# the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!
""" Cross-hair tool for measuring SVG rendering results.

from enable.api import BaseTool, ColorTrait, LineStyle
from traits.api import Bool, Float, HasTraits, List, Tuple, observe

[docs]class Crosshair(BaseTool): """ Display a crosshair at the given SVG coordinates. This will do the appropriate transformations in order to map Enable coordinates to SVG coordinates. """ svg_coords = Tuple(Float, Float) line_color = ColorTrait("black") line_width = Float(1.0) line_style = LineStyle("solid") # Whether the mouse is currently inside the component or not. mouse_in = Bool(False) visible = True draw_mode = "overlay"
[docs] def draw(self, gc, view_bounds=None): """ Draws this tool on a graphics context. It is assumed that the graphics context has a coordinate transform that matches the origin of its component. (For containers, this is just the origin; for components, it is the origin of their containers.) """ if not self.mouse_in: return # Convert from SVG coordinates to Enable coordinates. h = self.component.height x, y0 = self.svg_coords y = h - y0 gc.save_state() try: gc.set_stroke_color(self.line_color_) gc.set_line_width(self.line_width) gc.set_line_dash(self.line_style_) gc.move_to(self.component.x, y + 0.5) gc.line_to(self.component.x2, y + 0.5) gc.move_to(x - 0.5, self.component.y) gc.line_to(x - 0.5, self.component.y2) gc.stroke_path() finally: gc.restore_state()
[docs] def overlay(self, component, gc, view_bounds=None, mode="normal"): """ Draws this component overlaid on a graphics context. """ self.draw(gc, view_bounds)
[docs] def do_layout(self, *args, **kw): pass
[docs] def normal_mouse_enter(self, event): self.mouse_in = True
[docs] def normal_mouse_leave(self, event): self.mouse_in = False
[docs] def normal_mouse_move(self, event): """ Handles the mouse being moved. """ if self.component is None: return # Map the Enable coordinates of the event to SVG coordinates. h = self.component.height y = h - event.y self.svg_coords = event.x, y event.handled = True
[docs] @observe("svg_coords,mouse_in") def ensure_redraw(self, event=None): if self.component is not None: self.component.invalidate_and_redraw()
[docs]class MultiController(HasTraits): """ Keep multiple Crosshairs in sync. """ svg_coords = Tuple(Float, Float) mouse_in = Bool(False) crosshairs = List() def __init__(self, *crosshairs, **traits): super().__init__(**traits) for ch in crosshairs: self.add(ch)
[docs] def add(self, crosshair): """ Synch a new Crosshair. """ if crosshair not in self.crosshairs: self.sync_trait("svg_coords", crosshair) self.sync_trait("mouse_in", crosshair) self.crosshairs.append(crosshair)
[docs] def remove(self, crosshair): """ Unsynch a recorded Crosshair. """ if crosshair in self.crosshairs: self.sync_trait("svg_coords", crosshair, remove=True) self.sync_trait("mouse_in", crosshair, remove=True) self.crosshairs.append(crosshair)