chaco.plots.jitterplot module

class chaco.plots.jitterplot.JitterPlot(**traits)

Bases: chaco.plots.scatterplot_1d.ScatterPlot1D

A renderer for a jitter plot, a 1D plot with some width in the dimension perpendicular to the primary axis. Useful for understanding dense collections of points.

jitter_width = Int(50)

The size, in pixels, of the area over which to spread the data points along the dimension orthogonal to the index direction.

map_index(screen_pt, threshold=2.0, outside_returns_none=True, index_only=True)

Maps a screen space point to an index into the plot’s index array(s).


Maps an array of data points into screen space and returns it as an array. Although the orthogonal (non-scaled) axis does not have a mapper, this method returns the scattered values in that dimension.

Implements the AbstractPlotRenderer interface.