chaco.plots.contour.contour_line_plot module

Defines the ContourLinePlot class.

class chaco.plots.contour.contour_line_plot.ContourLinePlot(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: chaco.base_contour_plot.BaseContourPlot

Takes a value data object whose elements are scalars, and renders them as a contour plot.

negative_style = LineStyle("dash")

Line style for negative levels.

positive_style = LineStyle("solid")

Line style for positive levels.

styles = Union(Str("signed"), List)

The line dash style(s).

widths = Union(Float(1.0), List)

The thickness(es) of the contour lines. It can be either a scalar value, valid for all contour lines, or a list of widths. If the list is too short with respect to then number of contour lines, the values are repeated from the beginning of the list. Widths are associated with levels of increasing value.