chaco.grid_data_source module

Defines the GridDataSource class.

class chaco.grid_data_source.GridDataSource(xdata=array([], dtype=float64), ydata=array([], dtype=float64), sort_order=('none', 'none'), **kwargs)

Bases: chaco.abstract_data_source.AbstractDataSource

Implements a structured gridded 2-D data source (suitable as an index for an image, for example).


Implements AbstractDataSource. Returns two 2-D points, min and max, that represent the bounding corners of a rectangle enclosing the data set. Note that these values are not view-dependent, but represent intrinsic properties of the DataSource.

If data axis is the empty set, then the min and max valuess are 0.0.


Implements AbstractDataSource. Because this class uses structured (gridded) data, this method returns the pair of data axes, instead of, for example, a full mesh-grid. This behavious differs from other data sources.

index_dimension = Constant("image")

The dimensionality of the indices into this data source (overrides AbstractDataSource).

set_data(xdata, ydata, sort_order=None)

Sets the data, and optionally the sort order, for this data source.

  • xdata (array) – The data to use.

  • ydata (array) – The data to use.

  • sort_order (SortOrderTrait) – The sort order of the data

sort_order = Tuple(SortOrderTrait, SortOrderTrait)

The sort order of the data (overrides AbstractDataSource). There is no overall sort order on 2-D data, but for gridded 2-D data, each axis can have a sort order.

value_dimension = Constant("scalar")

The dimensionality of the value at each index point (overrides AbstractDataSource).