Updating CanopyΒΆ

Canopy can update itself in place, so you do not need to download and run a separate installer. Updates are automatically downloaded in the background and then made available for you to install when desired.

You can check for the availability of updates by going to Help -> Canopy Application Updates.... This displays the About Box shown below:


Canopy automatically checks for updates hourly, but you can also force a check by clicking the ‘Check for updates now’ button. When a update is available, Canopy displays the current installed version number and the latest version available as shown here:


In this case the dialog is showing that both versions are 0.9.0 but that a newer build is available (580 to 581).

The ‘Install and Relaunch’ button will immediately apply the update, close Canopy, and relaunch it. Please save any file changes in the editor before you select this option (also, the GUI will prompt you to do so).

The “Install on Quit” button lets you specify that you want the update to be installed when you quit Canopy, so that it will only take effect the next time you start.

If you select “Not now”, then you will keep the current version and no changes will be made. You can return to this dialog to do the update at any later time.

Note: The update mechanism described here only updates the Canopy GUI itself. It does not modify your Python User Python Environment. This ensures that GUI updates will not impact any code you are running. To update your User Python Environment, please see Package Manager

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