Updating the Canopy application

Upgrading from Canopy 1 to Canopy 2

Because Canopy 2 uses a simpler architecture than Canopy 1, it’s not possible to upgrade from Canopy 1 to Canopy 2 within the Canopy application. Instead, it’s necessary to do a complete uninstall and removal of Canopy 1 before installing Canopy 2. Please see “Updating from Canopy v1 to Canopy v2” in the Enthought Support Knowledge Base.

Likewise, Canopy 1 Python environments cannot be used in or migrated to Canopy 2 Python environments, so when you update from Canopy 1 to Canopy 2, you always start with a new, clean, consistent environment.

Updating the Canopy 2 application

Canopy 2.0 and 2.1 no longer provide a built-in update mechanism, so the “Check for updates” and “No Update available” have been removed. Please monitor the Enthought website, support site, mailing list or twitter feed to learn about available updates on the Canopy download page. Future Canopy versions will provide notice of available Canopy updates.

Note that on Windows, it is now possible to install a new Canopy 2 version without first uninstalling a previous Canopy 2 version; the installer will uninstall it for you.

Updating the Canopy 2 Python environments

In general, updating the Canopy application does not cause an update to your working Canopy Python environments, although you may also update these if you choose to, either during the Canopy update, or later, or update individual packages as needed.

For more information, see “Updating the Python packages in the Canopy 2 application” in the Enthought Support Knowledge Base.