Data Import ToolΒΆ

Canopy’s new graphical Data Import Tool allows you to import text data files into Pandas DataFrames and manipulate them in an easy, reproducible way. It provides an exploratory graphical interface to data manipulation while using a familiar Python representation of your data. When you are happy with how your data is being imported, you can take control of the underlying DataFrame from the IPython console in the Canopy Editor. You can also export your command history as a Python script so that you can perform those same manipulations again.

The Data Import Tool is available to all logged-in Canopy commercial subscribers using Canopy 1.7 or higher, installed from any installer.

It is available to free users (Academic subscribers or Express) for a 7-day trial period.

Data Import Tool documentation is available within Canopy in the Help menu’s Documentation Browser, and in Canopy’s online Knowledge Base: “Using the Canopy Data Import Tool”.